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Warm Up & Work Out! DVD


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Beginning Bellydance Technique for EveryWoman with Award-Winning Instructor, Leela!

Here is the PERFECT introduction for everyone to the ancient and exotic art of Belly Dance! Great for the absolute beginner, this DVD also includes material that will encourage you to challenge yourself with more advanced movements as your Belly Dance Technique develops. With just a little practice, you’ll be glowing, swaying, undulating, shimmying and REALLY enjoying yourself in no time flat!

Leela breaks down the movements clearly, with demonstrations in the mirror, just like at the Studio! Movements are explained and demonstrated slowly at first, then at a moderate tempo for more practice.

‘Warm Up & Work Out!’ DVD includes:

• All the Basic Belly Dance Moves to get YOU started INSTANTLY!

• A Gentle, 10-Minute Belly Dance Stretch – Delicious!

• Leela’s ‘Beginner Level Warm Up’: 22 minutes of Beautiful Belly Dance FLOW!

• Leela’s ‘Exciting Belly Dance Work Out’: 22 minutes that will REALLY get your heart pumping and your hips jumping!

• Leela LIVE in Performance at ‘Arabia Exotica 2005′, Hollywood, CA!

A FABULOUS Gift Idea for the Dance Lover on YOUR list!

Suitable for all dance levels.
FREE practice music CD with purchase of DVD.
DVD: $20 plus $3 shipping ($8 outside of US).

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