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Surfer Gurlz and Shimmy Queenz! DVD


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Product Description

SurferGurlz and ShimmyQueenz!’

Product Description
Belly Dance / Go-Go / California Surf Fusion Choreography
Music: ‘Pipeline’ by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dick Dale

See the exciting preview of the ‘SurferGurlz and ShimmyQueenz!’ DVD

Get ready to SHIMMY like you’ve never shimmied before! Channel your inner BellyDance ‘SurferGurl’ with this sizzling, sixties-era soundtrack (classic surf anthem ‘Pipeline’ by Dick Dale and Stevie Ray Vaughan!) as we Frug, Jerk, Shake, Stroll and yes, SHIMMY through the crashing California waves on our LongBoards, looking ever-so Retro-Cool and Groovy! Song is 3 minutes but the FUN will go on for hours! Go, Go, GO, Daddio!

Award-winning dance instructor Leela teaches the technique and combinations in a fun, easy, memorable way; BellyDance for EveryWoman, Baby! Join the Dance Party for some Excitement, Exercise, Delight and SHIMMIES!! Awaken the Groovy Goddess Within….Let’s DANCE!

Suitable for all dance levels.
FREE practice music CD with purchase of DVD!
DVD, 35 minutes. $20 plus $3 shipping ($8 outside of US).

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