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Summer HeartBeat DVD


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Beginning-Level Drum Solo Choreography

See an exciting performance of Leela’s ‘Summer HeartBeat’ Drum Solo!

You ARE the Drum! Learn how to make your body into the most exotic, sensual percussion instrument EVER! You will literally not ‘miss a beat’! Get ready to knock your audience over with this EASY, sexy Drum Solo choreography that uses Cabaret flourishes to show off your Shimmies, Isolations, Layers and Locks to perfection! Get ready to feel SummerTime Sizzling and SuperSexy!

‘Summer HeartBeat’ DVD includes:

• Drum Solo Belly Dance Instruction: Leela breaks down the combinations into practice sections so you can follow along!

• Fully costumed performance by Leela

Suitable for all dance levels.
FREE practice music CD with purchase of DVD!
DVD, $15 plus $3 shipping ($8 outside of US).

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