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Lyrical Belly Dance Veil Choreography

See the Exciting Preview of the ‘Ice Princess’ DVD, and a performance of the choreography by Leela’s Troupe!

Unlock the Mysteries of the Veil with Award-winning instructor Leela’s lyrical and breezy veil technique. Learn to control the veil with ease. ‘Ice Princess’ Veil Choreography makes dancing with your veil fun, delightful and super simple! Leela breaks down the movements clearly, with demonstrations in the mirror, just like at the Studio! Suitable for Dancers of all levels, this gorgeous, sensuous choreography takes you step by step through all the technique you need to fly your veil with grace, confidence and mastery. Let your veli fly with Leela!

‘Ice Princess’ DVD includes:

• Detailed Belly Dance Technique Section, that will help you master the
basic movements WITHOUT the Veil first.

• Delightful Veil Technique Section that unlocks the mysteries of the Veil movements, making them easy and fun to do!

• ‘Ice Princess’ Choreography Instruction: Leela breaks down the combinations into practice sections so you can follow along!

• Leela LIVE, performing ‘Ice Princess’

• MORE fun surprises! Make sure to watch through the credits for a little something silly!!!

FREE practice music CD with purchase of DVD!
DVD, 60 minutes. $15 plus $3 shipping ($8 outside of US).

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