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Fire and Ice DVD


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Gypsy-Belly Dance Choreography

Come dance like the wild, free-spirited GYPSY that you are! Sweep and twirl your gorgeous Gypsy skirt with plenty of sassy, flirty attitude! Beautiful, sensual Flamenco accents and lyrical Spanish guitar bring earthy, exotic elements to this passionate choreography. ¡OLE!

‘Fire and Ice’ DVD includes:

• Gypsy Belly Dance Instruction: Leela breaks down the combinations into practice sections so you can follow along!

• Fully costumed performance by Leela

Suitable for all dance levels.
FREE practice music CD with purchase of DVD!
DVD, $15 plus $3 shipping ($8 outside of US).

Need a Beautiful, Full, GYPSY Skirt to Flip, Fly and Twirl?
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